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How to Get Coin Master Free Spins And Coins Hack Daily

If you are looking for the Coin Master free coins, spins and cards then look no further. The coin Master is an addictive and thrilling mobile game which is made by design. This game provides the perfect blend of thrill that you get when you are playing slots and the social battling that you experience when you play Clash of Clans.

The resultant product is a game which you simply cannot put down or resist playing. However one of the reasons why many players have to stop playing this game is because they don't want to spend real money for gaining regular coins and spins.

Fortunately there are a number of ways in which you can get the Coin Master free spins as well as coins. This reduces or eliminates the requirement for the player to spend real money. These methods also enable the players to increase the speed at which they progress through the different levels of the game. Many of the methods are relatively simple so you don't have to worry about carrying out any complicated tasks.

Here we will guide you through different ways through which you can achieve free coins and free spins. This will enable you to continue playing the game even after the free spins, which you get daily, have been finished so that you don't have to spend real money.



The links we are providing you will help you with the daily Coin Master free coins, cards and spins. This link will be regularly updated so you might as well bookmark it so you can check it daily for some cracking in-game rewards.



Besides the daily links we have mentioned here, there are a number of ways in which you can get free spins.

Following Coin Master on the social media

The Moon Active, which is the developer for Coin Master, gives ton of links every day which you can follow for some free spins. If you keep yourself regularly updated with these links you can accumulate a lot of free spins and coins with ease.

You can also follow Coin Master on Twitter or Facebook.

Sign up for the email gifts

If you decide to sign up using your email you can get a bunch of the free spins daily and all you have to do is just follow the link on the phone. There have been no instances of any spam or fraud so far which means this is an easy and instant method of getting access to some free spins.

Invite friends

If you decide to invite a Facebook friend to join the Coin Master game and they do end up joining using that link then you get 40 free spins on the game which is significant. These friends do not even necessarily need to play the game for you to be eligible for rewards. All they need to do is download the game and login through the Facebook account and Bingo, you are good to go.

Obviously if you and your friends play the game then it is going to be even more rewarding. Let us have a look.

Requesting spins for gifts

You can get a maximum of 100 free spins every day through friends. However to reach this number you require 100 friends who are active and generous enough for sending you a daily gift. Each gift comprises of one free spin and in return you can also send the gift of coins.

It is not common to have 100 friends who play the game actively unless you are very popular and have a huge number of friends. Alternatively you can go to Facebook Communities or official Reddit communities for finding people that will play the game with you.

Watching the video ads

If you watch the video ads daily then you will get specified amount of Coin Master free spins each day. To go to the free spins you just need to go to slot machine and then click on spin energy which is located on bottom right. If you don't find that option there it means you no longer have the free spins with you.


One strange way of getting free Coin Master spins is by spinning. For this to work you need three symbols of spin energy back to back. If it happens then you will get a collection of free spins. If you happen to collect a chain of those symbols then you truck loads of free spins which will potentially last for a long time.

Leveling up the village

Every time you level up the village you receive a ton of free spins on Coin Master. However this method is difficult because it will cost you significant gold for purchasing and improving the new buildings. You need to purchase every individual one before you can level up. This will end up costing you tons of spins as well.

Participating in events

There is always a minimum of one event which is happening within the Coin Master and it can potentially gift you with a lot of free spins. When you are at the slot machine page, focus your attention on the right side of the top of the screen and go to the virtual buttons under the menu to find an event. Click on one of these virtual buttons to find out the event details.

You can benefit from these events which will help you landing a large number of free spins.

Completing the card sets

You can collect the cards through opening of the chests and each of the card becomes part of the collection that keeps on increasing as you go up levels on the village. Each collection has nine cards and if you are able to collect these nine cards then you will get truckloads of the free spins as well as additional rewards such as pets.

Cards are available in the form of chests and you can find these during occasional raid or when you are purchasing at the shop. It is potentially worth buying the chests with the gold that you have leftover as it might help you finish the collection which will end up gifting you with the free spins on Coin Master.


This might be obvious but it is worth considering. As a matter of fact you get five of the free spins every hour and potentially you can hold up to 50 spins at any given point of time. This means you will hit the limit for the spins after every 10 hours and any of the free spins that you get after that will stop to exist.

So it is recommended that you must set a reminder for visiting the coin Master at every ten hour period so that you can exhaust the free spins since you are continually earning more. This way you can rack up a lot of free spins if you remain dedicated so this process is actually worth doing.



There are multiple methods for earning free coins which are similar to methods of free spins. Let us document some methods here.

Registering for email gifts

You get a ton of free coins when you sign up for daily email gift. When we tried we got 600,000 coins in just a minute.

Requesting coins from friends

Similar to free spins you can get the free coins via friends' requests.

Go to the menu. Click on gifts, then choose 'Free Coins' and then go to 'Collect & send all'

You should send free coins to friends as they might send you the gift back.

Watching video ads

The village menu provides video ads that gets you free spins every day. You must constantly keep checking to see if a new video ad is available.


The more you spin, the more free coins you receive. You must check after every ten hours window for using up your free Coin Master spins so that you make full use of your free quota.


Villages and cards are Coin Master's collectible components. If you want to view the card collection you can do it through the menu. But how can you attain the cards? Let us have a look.

Requesting cards from community

The card trading enables you to trade your unwanted cards with those that you want through community page of Facebook provided by Moon Active. You can start here if you want to fill your collection.

Trading cards for chests

If you are finding it difficult to trade cards with community then the built-in feature allows you to trade up to 75 of the duplicate cards with the card chest. This is not a quick process but it is helpful nonetheless.

Spending excess cash

You can consider spending additional cash on card chests. This will get you additional cards and the chests are not very expensive.

Waiting for card boom

Card boom is an event where you get 50% additional cards from each of the chests that you open. These events happen regularly and you must wait for this spend to spend the additional cash.

Getting daily links

Moon active gives you daily links which provides you with free Coin Master coins, spins and cards. If you collect these items on a regular basis you will accumulate a lot quickly. These links have been provided in the article.


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